Newport Blue - Authentic Heritage Brand Est. 1996
Newport Blue - 2018 Woven Shirts
Newport Blue - 2018 Hybrid Shorts
Newport Blue - 2018 Swimwear
Newport Blue - 2018 Graphic Tees
Newport Blue - 2018 Embroidered Tees


Newport Blue - Coastal Lifestyle

Newport Blue, a Southern California Heritage brand, offers innovative, design and value while maintaining the spirit of an active, coastal lifestyle.

Founded in 1986, Newport Blue has grown from a collection of men’s swimwear to a leading lifestyle brand with products ranging from swimwear, printed tee shirts, fashion knits and Woven shirts. Now part of the Staghorn Outfitters Group, a leader in branded quality apparel, Newport Blue has become one of the most important coastal lifestyle brands for many major retail chains.

Newport Blue took its name from the idyllic Southern California town of Newport Beach. Known as a mecca of sailing, surfing, and ocean adventure.

Today the collection of Newport Blue represents both a rediscovery and reinterpretation of what ocean minded people have always wanted to wear.

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